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No longer have an unorganized system of managing your student announcements. With Announcements for Schools any teacher can go online to submit an announcement with a start and an end date. The the person in charge of reading the announcements over the PA can view all the announcements for that day and print them out, email them to the staff or modify them if necessary. You can also have the announcements automatically posted to your school website as well as a scrolling page to be viewed by students or parents in a central location. read more.

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Why Announcements for Schools

  • Submit from any computer or smart phone
  • Set start and end dates
  • Automatically post to your school website
  • Allow ASB students to submit inactive announcements
  • Group with similar announcements with categories
  • Have announcements scroll on a TV screen in the office
  • View in a calendar mode to see a month at a time
  • Customize to match school's website
  • Display staff birthdays
  • E-mail to entire staff with one click
  • Custom message to your staff
  • Search old announcements

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Announcements for schools is an easy to use student bulletin system that can be used by any staff member to submit an announcement to be read over the school PA system or video announcements. Submit announcements online with a iPhone or any smart phone and in seconds add them to a list. Set start and end dates of when your announcement is to be displayed. Track all announcements for your school in one central location and never had an announcement not be read or forgotten about. Student bulletins have never been so easy as Announcements 4 schools.