• Organize all your School
    Announcements in
    One Digital Platform

The best way to Manage School Announcements

Announcements for Schools makes organizing your daily announcements simple and efficient. Members of your staff can schedule a start and end date along with their announcement, and our platform will neatly organize them for distribution.

Sharing the daily announcements with your staff via email, making video announcements or just using the PA has never been so easy. Announcements from prior years are always saved so you can even modify and re-use old announcements to save you time for future semesters.

The announcements can also be transmitted on a:

  • E-mails sent to the entire staff
  • A TV Screen in the main office
  • Your school website - for parents to read at home
  • In calendar mode - to view events happening at later dates

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How it works

How it Works?

The web-based application can be accessed by faculty using their computer or mobile device. The interface is very straightforward and requires no training. Every announcement can be formatted with editing tools, and can be scheduled well in advance. Upcoming and archived announcements are retrievable using the search bar.

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You can purchase Announcements 4 Schools right now and enjoy the benefits of a stress-free discipline system. Announcements 4 Schools platform is only $299 a year for each school site.

The traditional way of reading announcements over a PA system can cause a lot of miscommunication and confusion. When your entire staff has access to these messages, they can repeat announcements and read them to students when convenient without disturbing class time.

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Never Miss a Message

Announcements read only once a day over a PA system sometimes get “lost in translation.” When teachers have access to the daily announcements either through the application or their inbox, it makes it easier to clarify message content for students who have any questions.

Announcements 4 Schools’ online portal allows unlimited users to access and add content. The standard way of organizing announcements can lead to frustration when dozens of faculty members are trying to manage messages at once. Our digital platform simplifies all the announcements in a single place leaving the staff at ease knowing the accurate information is always delivered to students and parents.

About Us

Leading the way in the scanning revolution Ben and Michael, two teachers from Anaheim, started marketing their solution for the fast sale of dance tickets over 10 years ago. The response from some schools was “What else can you do?” So we thought about this and came out with a rather poor PC version of what it could look like. No matter that many schools liked it we knew we could do better. And we have!

November 2018 marks the launch of a totally re-engineered product, Announcements 4 Schools. It’s dedicated to doing one thing really well: allowing the staff to manage school-wide student announcements.

Of course, we now have many other tools in the box including Voting 4 Schools, Store 4 Schools, Ticketing 4 Schools, and Discipline 4 Schools. You can find these all here.